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Green Lantern

In Brightest Day

Posted By Neville Page on January 11, 2013 | 0 comments
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Green Lantern Corps: Norchavius

What you see here is a small sampling of some of the characters I developed for the film. As with any production, it is a team effort. I brought on a great collaborator, Tully Summers, to help with the massive scope of this project (you should also check out his work online) Additionally, I got to work with The Aaron Sims Company. Our biggest collaboration was that of Toma Rey (not shown here) and Kilowog, which, ultimately, I took through the finish line in this relay race of design.

I knew that this production was going to be a huge challenge as the requirements were crazy, literally. The basic concepts established in the franchise were more often than not, a little insane. So, one of the challenges was to take the basic ideas, freshen them up, make them believable and be sensitive to the fan-base and franchise. It was a huge amount of work to accomplish in very little time. Which meant that there was going to be no time to do any traditional drawing. Because the end result needed to be a digital model and because the director needed to see the designs “in the round” as early as possible, we decided to jump right into sculpting in the computer.

This is photo description

Green Lantern Corps: Hannu

Another interesting parameter was knowing that these were also going to end up as toys.

Sometimes you know a design will have a life span of a few seconds on screen, and that’s it. But we knew that these designs were going to be held in the hand of a fan to be scrutinized and hopefully enjoyed.