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Star Trek Into Darkness

To Boldly Go...Again!

Posted By Neville Page on August 16, 2013 | 0 comments
Star Trek: Klingon Hair

Star Trek: Klingon Barber Shop

JJ Abrams was kind enough to have me on board another Star Trek. It was not too dissimilar to the first experience, other than I was too busy to be cast as an Alien this time. Then again, I did go down with the ship in the previous one.

This first round of images are some of the development of the Klingons. This was a very important assignment for me because I knew how important it was to the fans of the franchise. It was a delicate balance of respecting the established looks from previous incarnations yet delivering something appropriate for JJ's film.

Star Trek: Klingon Studies

Star Trek: Klingon Studies

Part of my self induced criteria was to do a cleaner version (especially regarding the forehead) and to make them sexy (or sexier if you already find them sexy!)

In the following weeks, I will be uploading more Klingons as well as the development of some of the other characters and critters on the film.

Hope you enjoy!